Yeh my brother had his op thing on his hips and is now in plaster from his chest to his ankles poor guy. Is his birthday today, so going in soon I guess.

Umm that's all the new methinks.

Yesterday was weird. Went over Rob's but I felt a bit ill with a stummy ache and a headache so we nearly fell asleep! Then we ate, then Harry nearly walked in on us which kinda ruined the mood =/ lmao! Then I wore Rob's tshirt and he wore mine, then we ate LOADSSS of chips and watched South Park and then fell asleep for an hour and a half! Then I had to be woken up to go home =/ Then then then then then I went to bed and said then some more times.

Tired as. And I think I missed a good Friday last Friday =[ ah well!

Lots of work to do tomorrow =[ but I'll live. Though the art is pissing me off royally.

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I forgot to pick up my corrected French. And so, I have nothing to learn from, and only like 2 days left =/ And no doubt I'll forget tomorrow.

For once this is an absolute accident and I am irritated with myself [more than usual].


So unbelievably screwed.

Ah well. At least we made an A-Z of sex words in Music.
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But what makes me Sam?

Well well well. Lips more healed now, but still hurt a bit, so I couldn't really kiss Rob all day! So he kept kissing me on the cheek and stuff =] it was nice.

As for French, hsjfhhidjgijsdg. I could be learning it now but my brain has reached saturation and however hard I try I can't remember it! At least I'm not far behind Katie etc.

In tutor I managed to remember something unfortunate and think out loud again. I really need to stop doing that. But yeh, I was just sat there when I accidentally said "Uh oh, did I really send Rob a text referring to him as 'husband to be...I wish'?" So Katie heard me say that and then went round telling everyone that me and Rob are getting married and she's invited to the wedding. Rob said that it wasn't true because she wasn't invited heheh. But yeh. Woops. Drinking & texting don't go! At least he wasn't freaked out like most guys would be.

Mr H-H thinks I'm dumb coz I can't do any of the Maths.

And that was basically my day.

Errmm French now?

Hah I think not. Have Rainbow Drops to consume and Tokyo Mew Mew to watch. Though I will record my French so I can have it on repeat all night to see if I can learn it subliminally.
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Give It A Fucking Name

Okay I'll try to write everything, but I know I'll forget stuff and come back to add it xP

Well got up at 7 and we left at about 8. Went with Sherrie and Joe, was Sherrie's first time on the motorway! Learnt a bit of French on the way, kinda forgotten it a bit now though!

By the time we got there it was like 11 and we were going to go to the sealife center as no one was really fussed about any of the earlier bands, but the queue was already huge so we joined it and got in by about 12.15. It was like full of emos, emos as far as the eye could see. Fairy boys galore. And none of them at all were good looking. What kind of sick emos are these?! The people in front of us were playing The Used on their phone which annoyed Sherrie and I laughed at her. Then they started playing Lostprophets and Sherrie got to laugh at me =/ Hahah.

The first band was on on the little stage, no idea who they were, guess I'll just go by the listing on the site and say they were Lost Alone. But dunno. Who cares. They were alright but all their songs sounded basically the same! Had a beer...yum =]

Next band, Cry For Silence were alright. Pink Spiders were alright too...the singer had a stripey tshirt and matching guitar strap so it camouflaged hahah it was cool. Then some shouty band I think, called Ignite? Pfft dunno, but they implied that all of the crowd looked the same and wanted to know what myspace angle they had gotten their fringe from. By this time we were trying to get to the front. We got there by the end of Kill Hannah's set. They were also quite good, and were a good enough distraction to prevent people from noticing us getting to the barrier! This barrier we stayed glued to for 8 hours =[ At least this meant we had reasonably clean air and water. Though my breasts got squished for all that time =[

Mindless Self Indulgence were AWESOME with a capital A, capital W, etc. The singer was mental, and the drummer and bassist were women! I got to touch the singer =] 'I think my emo fringe is trying to tell me something...I'm not wearing enough guy-liner!' Hahahah.

Then umm The Sleeping were on according to the site, umm think I might have touched some of them too, hahah. Then Juliette and the Licks were really really good and got some good photos [couldn't get any of M.S.I. as I couldn't get me camera out =[]. I almost got one of Juliette's feathers at the end, but would have got trampled on and left behind so I decided it wasn't worth it [it was just on the floor lol].

Fightstar were quite good, though it was annoying all the pricks throwing stuff at them and singing Busted as if it was an insult. I thought it was quite sad that they actually KNEW the words to Busted. Losers. But yeh they were good and Sherrie seemed disgusted that I knew some of the words haha. They were on the widdle stage so didn't get any good pics.

Then the fateful Alexisonfire. Good band, knew some of the musics, but oh the pain. The crowdsurfing really kicked off, most of them having to be yanked over our heads when they got to the front. This means the supervisor people having to shove their crotch in your face, almost break your arms by crushing them against the barrier, and then having some cunt dragged over your head, meaning you usually get kicked in the skull. Got my face smashed off the barrier, splitting my lip open and making my teeth hurt like fuck. Ow =/ wankers.

THE USED THE USED THE USED THE USED THE USED. Were AMAZINGERRRR. Went mad as a mad thing down the front, and there was a cool Pardee background they had, and Bert was IMMENSE! He kept spitting water over us =] My glasses are covered in Bert spit, so I'm not cleaning them! He also pointed, looked at, and spat on meeeeee. Yerrr =] and I touched him! However I got in a fight with some emo scum that pushed their way to the barrier. No idea WHAT it was. I thought it was a boy, but Sherrie thought it was a girl. No matter. Anyway, when Bert told us to flick our neighbour three times, the cunt did! Owww! Bert mooned...hahah. After the awesome set, some crowdsurfer ass wipe landed ON MY NECK! The pain! So I shouted at her and she sort of gave this 'it wasn't me look'. But she lost both her shoes so HAHAHAHHAHAHA to her!

Then was HIM! Who weren't really all that great live due to Ville being pissed and forgetting most of the words. He also sang the wrong verse for one song. In fact, the only song he sang all of was Wicked Game, which is the only song they played which they didn't write! Was still good though, despite getting my nose smashed in off the barrier. They played my favourite song =] And got pictures and shizzle. Yay. And Bert ran onstage and kissed Ville! When they finished Ville put his jumper-ish thing on inside out xP

Then we went home and I was soooo tired. My hair looked like Turk's on a bad day, my lip was swollen and bruised, my nose was possibly broken...hahahah.

Luckily my lip has gone down now! And the bruising has gone down a bit, so I look less monster-ish. Best gig ever though!

Though would have been better if From First To Last had been able to play and Sonny hadn't left. Coz I would have got good photos. And would have been able to touch him =[ hahah ah well.

Now I have to learn my French. Sod that.
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Today was a day of my Hughs. Hugh Grant, Hugh Jefferys, multiple Hughitude basically ;]

Ermm yess so anyway...

Was happy throughout History due to talking to Chris for the first time in about 5 months and so it felt like a relief. Didn't really say much, just a cheeky comment about his laziness in the distribution of books, but it got a smile and a laugh so there. I hope we can be freunden.

What else happened today? Umm fire drill at lunch time so our 15 minutes was almost completely obliterated =/ Ah well.

MUSIC we had a nice woman who made up an activity for us which was beneficial as oppoed to making us do some sheets we've done about 3 times already.

English, essay compring four poems which I don't think anyone had a clue how to do. Or if they did have a clue, it's just me who is clueless. Clue clue clue.

Sooo got some Maths and Science to do and History but I conveniently forgot the sheet. Need early night since for Give It A Name I have to get up at like 7. Have no idea what to wear...don't really want to go, shattered! Normally wear my boots so I can see and stuff but my legs and ankles already hurt and I'd still be short anyway. But with safe toes. Hmm. Ideas?

Comment, foo'!
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There's a worm at the bottom of me garden...

Stressful day.

Labelling and mounting stuff in art. I ruined all my stuff due to shoddy glueing and mounting. then my scissors went missing, but Mr Mayell recovered them.

Had to do our English lesson which I was lazy in.

Science Mrs. lacey dropped the bombshell that is 'Abbey your Chemistry and Biology courseowkr is shit, do it again'. For tomorrow. Since I went out earlier [Grandparents', Tesco, and important watching of Hollyoaks [which had Muse on today! Showbiz!]] and didn't start on trying to do coursework until 9pm [after falling asleep on the couch], having just finished is good going.

Espescially considering that the world was against me. The laptop crashed twice and generally wouldn't cooperate. then the Mac died and caused me to pull my hair out in frustration. When I finally got some done the printer jammed. But now, two hours later I am done. I better have got at least A's or I will kill something. Someone. WHATEVER.

TIREDDDD but past the optimum going to sleep point or tiredness.

You can tell I've been completeing coursework as I sound a lot more posh and wordy.

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Do your ears hang low?

Do they wobble to and fro...

Yeh anywho, art tomorrow...kill me now!

Yay 10 hours of silence in 2 days. That's 10/48 hours in silence. 5/24. Almost 1/5. NOOOOOOO!

Still can't retrieve my freaking French. Far too late now.

Am annoyed at everyone due to being very worried.

Everyone annoyed at me due to my so called 'pessimism'. No, it's true, I AM going to fail.

Talking of failing, we had a History test today. Didn't finish it all, but then I kept getting really put off by nothing at all and being unable to think of what I was writing about. Weird.

Umm leave me love, I need it! Espescially after Jenny's damned French whispering in Maths. It's annoying on so many levels:

a) She is learning French which I can't do [well, I could, but shh].
b) I hate whispering.
and c) I can't remember how to do any of this maths and I was shit anyway.

Love you really Jenny xP

[Hah, yeh right] hmm what was that? I think a bird just flew past...

I'll stop talking to myself about nothing in particular now.

Might eat some chocolate, but only just had tea...

Abbey, you're doing it again.

Doing what?

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...and she's the skaggiest skag in history of skag-kind!

Well. Interesting day.

Am to die as our server is STILL down and so am unable to retrieve French to learn and so French learning is on temporary hiatus. If that server isn't fixed soon they can fuck it, I can't take an exam if I aven't been able to learn the what-not.

Ummm what else? Ohhhh yeh, the title. *cry* Hahahahahah ummm ask if you want to know what the hell I'm awwwwn.

Give us some hungry chickens y'all, feeling a bit ahfdhsgjsdljghesgis with lots of art to do an' all. *sob*

Stupis tupis stupid =/ Hahaha how did I write tupis instead of stupid?

Peace up, A-town down.
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Hungover like hell this morning, and everyone was out gardening loudly and painting their stinky fences. Oh the pain!

Then Rob came over to give me a hug =] We've already planned our kids' names - Butters for a boy and Ichigo for a girl. We're cool =]

UGH Mum is gay and shouted at me all day for no reason and she forced us to go out to get fresh air =/

Watched Addams Family Values...There's just something about watching people dressed as turkeys singing a song about wanting to be killed and eaten which is most entertaining!

Grr Science revision tomorrow. Don't know anything about it other than that it cost loads. I mean, where do I have to go? Will I be a complete loner all day? Will I benefit at all? Will I spend all day texting Rob? We'll see...

Need sleep but need to get my ass in gear with my art =/ Maybe I'll take it tomorrow and do it in break or something [whilst looking bufftingz in my Brainiac tee]
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"My phone is too's like a lighthouse only on a smaller scale and folded in half." HAHAHAHAH.

Erghh I feel ikk-mungous.

Couldn't fall asleep 'til like 3am and then woke up at 6.30. Merghhh and I felt grot yesterday too =[

I have done nothing constructive this holiday, and I know I'll regret it, but I can blame it on being ill and having a life.

I played on Adventure Quest all morning! Wait, did I say 'having a life'?

Anywho, plan for today - do my painting, write about it, write about my Pussycats stuff and maybe start planning my exam piece =G

Got bloody Science things next week, don't know anything about them =/ and I have to walk up school on my lonesome and generally be a loner =[

Ah well, got some gay party later.
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