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The O2 Premiere.

Yehh so YESTERDAY was the first gig in the O2 [formerly the Millenium Done] NOT TODAY STUPID TV!

Had to get up early and have an early lunch in Burger King on the way =] We had to drop our stuff off in our Heathrow hotel but we couldn't check in until after the gig...

The O2 was really busy and erghhh and the driver managed to get lost on the way so we were really late! Luckily we got there for the Scarlet Fever show thing which was alright.

No tea due to huge queues everywhere and most of the places weren't open. Loads of the Dome is still unfinished, one area isn't even BUILT yet!

Anywho it was hosted by Dermot O'Leary and he was the first person to be on the stage, OOOOOHHH *SHINY* etc...for some reason they got this random woman up there from the crowd [the crowd being O2 staff mainly]. Then some O2 bloke went on about stuff and then PETER KAY which was pretty cool since we thought it was just a rumour! Then Tom Jones which was bearable, though I'm sure he's too old to be singing about stuff like that and flashing his grotty belly EWWW hahah sex bomb, I DON'T THINK SO!

THENNNNN there was a break and then Peter Kay again and then KAISER CHIEFS who were REALLY good =] lots of mic-stand throwing and yeh was good.

Break and all the food places were shut =/ Then Basement Jaxx but Dad didn't like it so we went back to the coach. Then back to hotel and biscuit for tea and bed. Had a double bed, felt really lost in it haha.

Home now. Had a big bag of crisps for breakfast =] I think I'm gonna get fat this holiday...
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