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Annoying-ass day. Firstly it's Christmas, though that actually has nothing to do with it, but it reminds me that Katie still keeps prancing around like an idiot =//

Feel tired and shitty and got a cough so mum's shouting at me about it which isn't helping my headache =/ coz I really cough on purpose, yeh right.

Miss Dowling is the crappest teacher ever. She turned up 25 minutes late today. Well, she came in 15 minutes late, said 'where's Aaron?' and then disappeared for 10. Then she came back and spent about 10 minutes moaning at us for no reason. Other than ham.

So I was sick of Music so skipped a revision session and am trying to chill a bit. Need to revise but going to see the Mission later which means another late night =[ Don't even know who the Hell they are very much.

Good news...know some Physics equations.

Bad news...GAYYYYY exams Thu and Fri =[

I am so gonna fail Music.

What does classical music sound like again?

Ah well, I outsmarted everyone today coz they thought this instrument was a triangle and I was like no it's blatez a glockenspiel and they were like no it's a triangle and I was like it's sooooo not and then they said glockenspiels are wood and I was like no they ent. And I was right =]
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